The Art of Fashion


Overalls: Thrifted Button up: American Eagle Striped Sweater: Old Navy Boots: Aldo Floral Shirt: Hollister Beanie: Gap

FASHION IS ART. They go along with each other like peanut butter and jelly lol. You are creating, and designing something new for everyone to see. You have the ability to be so creative and different, basically just have fun with it. I loved this look, even though I was a tad but chilly lol. Gladly you can't notice... or can you? In this look I mixed patterns and colors. I think they absolutely worked.

I think its always fun to mix things up and have fun with the way you wear your clothes, don't stick to the norm.

All the patterns and different colors really make this look for me. There is always something for you to look at lol.

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