That One Photoshoot


Shirt: Old Navy  Overalls: Thrifted Shoes: Vans Bandana: D.I.Y
This was such a fun photoshoot to do with my trinity valley family.
I love a camera so whenever I get the opportunity to be photographed you better believe I am ready to go lol. What made this shoot extra fun was that it wasn’t really a planned shoot. The photographer just kind of got us in the middle of what we were doing. I was with friends so that made it even better to shoot.
Since it wasn’t necessarily a particular type of shoot, there wasn’t a theme or anything to it so I was just wearing comfortable clothing. I wanted to mix patterns so I paired my floral print button up, with my gold polka dot socks, and cheetah print vans. I like to mix and match but have it still look good together overall. (Haha did you catch that pun) Whenever I wear my overalls they are the most comfortable thing ever! Like seriously guys they are great. I can just throw them on when I’m in a hurry or even if I’m not rushing and I carefully plan it out. They are such a statement piece to me, some people dispize them but I could use another pair personally.
Quick shout out to the photographers.. US! Yes, yes we all took these photos ourselves. So props to the team for these fantastic shots.

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