Stand Out... In a good way


Shirt: Aeropostale Jacket: Forever21 Jeans: Hollister Boots: Aldo Scarf: Ross

You all already know that I 100% support being different and having individuality within your style. With fashion you have the ability to do so much. There is no reason to be like anyone else, or dress like anyone else. Your style is your expression of yourself. One of my favorite fashion quotes (which I have tattooed on me) is "fashion fades style is eternal" by Yves Saint Laurent. It's so true because fashion changes every year, thats what we have fashion week for, to see the new fashion for the year, but your style is who you are and that doesn't change.

This is definitely one of my favorite jackets in my wardrobe currently. Trust me I can't wait until next fall and winter so I can get the chance to pull it out the closet again. 

Since I was playing with prints and colors with this look, I decided to throw on this plaid scarf (that I got for a steal!). When I say this is like the softest scarf everit is the softest scarf ever lol. I could fall asleep on this scarf and use it as a pillow lol, no seriously thats how amazingly soft it is.

This look is very simple but I like that it still has that pazaz to it. I really enjoyed wearing this to be honest. I honestly felt confident in this look! I felt confident with myself and with my outfit as well. I knew for sure I was turning heads in this lol. Not to sound like I'm bragging or anything hahah lol.

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