5 Fashion Facts About Josh



I just wanted to introduce you all to some things you should know about me, when it comes to fashion and my own personal style.
1. When it comes to buying a new piece of clothing for my wardrobe, there are some requirements and a mental checklist I go through.

2. Number one is of course the price, y'all know I love a great clearance item. That red tag is my best friend lol. You can look nice and be cute while not spending a lot of money. Look Chanel on a Forever21 budget.

3. Being different is key. I want to be able to stand out, and not just blend in with the crowd. There are so many people in the world and so many people who know fashion and you must be able to stand out and be noticed.

4. I use others as an inspiration for my looks. There are times when I can't find a thing in my wardrobe to wear so I go online, and get inspired by someone or even something. I follow many other bloggers and I use them as a platform to become better. I want to get on there level. lol Brandon Duvall, of (brandon-duvall.com)  Courtney Kerr, Marianna Hewitt just to name a few really get me inspired and motivated to be different.

5. COLOR IS MY BEST FRIEND! If you haven't noticed I am not the type to shy away from colors. Like i think it is so much fun to have some color in your looks. You don't have to look like a rainbow now but still, be bold and have fun. You want to add contrast and dynamics to your look and adding color can be a great time to do that. This can be used throughout the year as well considering every season, fall, winter, spring and summer could use some extra color in them.

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