Tumblr Tuesday:Favorite Pics This Week 2


Its about that time again! Time for another Tumblr Tuesday post!

This week I clearly had a pepto-bismol moment lmao. No but seriously I am loving these pictures. Something about how they look put together I really enjoy. It's a great cohesive look.

Honestly I'm not a huge pink person, I literally have like one pink shirt in my entire wardrobe. That being said I don't mind the color though so honestly I really enjoyed putting together these pictures, they came together to make a great ensemble. I wanted to make it also seem inspirational so I got some great quote pictures added in to go with the fashion pictures as well.

I love a great clean look and I thought this was pulled off nicely. I think pink is such a fun color but it can also be a statement color, like red. For me personally when someone is wearing pink its an eye catcher I immediately notice them. So bright and full of life.

I wanted to keep things very adorable lol. Cute is the goal. I also wanted this post to act as an inspirational post for you all, thats why I chose some inspirational quotes and sayings. It is always good to stay uplifted and be happy. Hope you all enjoyed this weeks tumblr tuesdsay post! If there are any pictures or themes you want to see personally then comment and let me know! I would definitely hear you out and see what I can do! Until next time... on Tumblr Tuesday :)

5 Fashion Facts About Josh



I just wanted to introduce you all to some things you should know about me, when it comes to fashion and my own personal style.
1. When it comes to buying a new piece of clothing for my wardrobe, there are some requirements and a mental checklist I go through.

2. Number one is of course the price, y'all know I love a great clearance item. That red tag is my best friend lol. You can look nice and be cute while not spending a lot of money. Look Chanel on a Forever21 budget.

3. Being different is key. I want to be able to stand out, and not just blend in with the crowd. There are so many people in the world and so many people who know fashion and you must be able to stand out and be noticed.

4. I use others as an inspiration for my looks. There are times when I can't find a thing in my wardrobe to wear so I go online, and get inspired by someone or even something. I follow many other bloggers and I use them as a platform to become better. I want to get on there level. lol Brandon Duvall, of (brandon-duvall.com)  Courtney Kerr, Marianna Hewitt just to name a few really get me inspired and motivated to be different.

5. COLOR IS MY BEST FRIEND! If you haven't noticed I am not the type to shy away from colors. Like i think it is so much fun to have some color in your looks. You don't have to look like a rainbow now but still, be bold and have fun. You want to add contrast and dynamics to your look and adding color can be a great time to do that. This can be used throughout the year as well considering every season, fall, winter, spring and summer could use some extra color in them.

Tumblr Tuesday:Favorite Pics This Week 1


Hello! What's up everyone.

So some of you may be wondering what's up with this post and why it isn't an outfit post of mine. Well I have decided to start a new segment on That Trendy Fellow called Tumblr Tuesday! This is a segment where every week, on Tuesday I will be posting my new favorite tumblr post of the week. They will be posts varying from beauty to fashion, and everything else in between. I have used tumblr for years now and I always use it as an inspiration board pretty much. I love it because I see so many new things that I either want to try, or eat, or do lol. That being said I decided to share it with you all, why should I keep all this to myself right? 

So to kick off my first Tumblr Tuesday post, we have these looks that I am completely in love with. I love a great black and white look, that is my go to look when I can't decide what to wear for the day. You can't go wrong when it comes down to it. Since its summer (even though it's almost over) I decided to show you all these summer looks. Cute shorts, nice booties, and great accessories.

If you all know me, I love color.. BUT that being said I LOVE a great "minimalist look" as we would call it. You can never go wrong, you just can't!


Some of my favorite words to describe this type of look.

The 20 Most Influential Style Bloggers in 2016


Information gathered from Fashionista.com

As someone who is still in the beginning stages of blogging and wanting to take my blog somewhere far and make it a brand and a household name, I thought it would be a great idea to give credit to the bloggers who have made a name for themselves in the world of blogging.

Lets dive right in!

1. Chiara Ferragni of "The Blonde Salad"

The number one spot has been taken yet again, for the second year in a row by the 28 year old, Los Angeles based Italian blogger. She has more than 5.6 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million Facebook subscribers. On top of her blog she has a growing shoe line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection which is being sold at 300 retailers around the world and brought in almost ten million dollars last year! This year she will be opening her own store in Milan and launch an e-store at theblondesalad.com She has appeared on more than 25 international magazine covers, including Vogue España, to date.

2. Aimee Song of "The Song of Style"

Aimee Song is a 29 year old L.A based interior designer with an approachable, California casual sense of style. (I must say that I'm a huge fan of it) She was one of the first bloggers to rise to celebrity status and she's stayed on top. With over 3.4 million Instagram followers, solid website traffic, a popular Pinterest page, and a strong Youtube presence. She also has small apparel and jewelry lines.

3. Kristina Bazan of "Kayture"

Jaws dropped when this 22-year-old Swiss model/blogger was named a brand ambassador for L'Oreal Paris in October, a deal allegedly worth seven figures. With more than 2 million subscribers, Kristina Bazan boasts the highest Facebook following of any blogger on this list, and has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers to boot. She's also beloved by high-end brands like Dior, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

4. Julia Engel of "Gal Meets Glam"

San Francisco's Julia Engel 23 year old launched her blog in the year 2011 as a junior in college and turned it into a full-time business in late 2013. Her Lauren Conrad esque looks and pretty, feminine style have garnered her a large audience across Pinterest, Instagram and especially her own website!
5. Wendy Nguyen of "Wendy's Lookbook"

With more than half a million Twitter followers, a sizable Pinterest fan base and the most popular Youtube channel of any blogger on the list (she has nearly 650,000 subscribers and her ""25 ways to tie a scarf"" video has been viewed more than 35 million times). Based in the city of Los Angelus Wendy Nguyen is a force to be reckoned with. While others have expanded their blogs into new verticals like travel or interior design, Wendy has stayed loyal to the classic format: posting outfit posts several times per week.

6. Julie Sariñana of "Sincerely Jules"

Julie Sariñana, 29, is also based in L.A. She started her blog in 2009, and has amassed an Instagram following of 3.4 million, as weak as popular Pinterest account. Her casual, accessible style has parlayed well into a line of T shirts with inspirational sayings and industry-centric quips.

7. Blair Eadie of "Atlantic Pacific"

While studying the style blogging phenomenom at her merchandising job at Gap inc. six years ago, Blair Eadie decided to start her own blog. Today, she's working as director of merchandising at Tory Burch in New York- her true passion, she says is merchandisng, and has one of the best known personal style blogs on the net, with an impressive Pinterest following to match.

8. Chriselle Lim of "The Chriselle Factor"

With more than half a million subscribers, Chriselle Lim is one of the most influential fashion voices on Youtube and pulls in some impressive traffic to her website too. A stylist by trade, Linn launched her blog in 2011 and her high quality editorials have attracted top-tier collaborations like Estée Lauder, Bvlgari and Viktor and Rolf. These days she blogs nearly as much about beauty and interior design as fashion.

9. Gala Gonzalez of "Amlul by Gala Gonzalez"

She's a first timer on the list, the 29 year old London-based Spanish model/blogger/Dj has already launched her own clothing line, done in collaboration with her uncle, Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez. Her highly trafficked website and strong presence on Instagram and Twitter have helped land her in campaigns with Loewe, H&M, and Mango, among others.

10. Nicole Warne of "Gary Pepper Girl"

Hailing from Sydney Australia, Nicole Warne first launched Gary Pepper Girl as an e-commerce site fir vintage wares in 2009 for which she would model and write. In 2011, she said goodbye to her e-comm business and turned her attention full-time to blogging, scoring covers for Lucky, Elle Australia, Nylon and Net-a-Porter's The Edit, and collaborating with such prestigious names as Chanel, Valentino and Chopard along the way.

11. Jessica Stein of "Tuula"

Jessica Stein also hails from Sydney, and with 2.2 million Instagram and 1.1 million Facebook followers, outranks most of her peers on this list. She always seems to be traveling- she has recently been photographed herself in Mexico and the Maldives and consistently looks great while doing it, which has secured her clients like Revolve Clothing and Dolce & Gabbana Beauty.

12. Bryan Grey Yambao of "Bryan boy"

One of the first bloggers to achieve celebrity status (alongside bestie Rumi Neely), the Philippines native and former "America's Next Top Model" judge is a fixture on the fashion week circuit, attracting a range of collaborators in menswear and womenswear , including Ralph Lauren , Valentino and Gucci. As one of the most outspoken voices in the fashion blogosphere , it's no surprise the he hosts the largest twitter audience of the group with 591,000 followers.

13. Helena Bordon of "Helena Bordon"

As the daughter of Brazilian Vogue Style director Donata Meirelles, Helena Bordon was attending Chanel shows in Paris before she even enrolled in middle school. Now she's a highly successful blogger and the co-founder of fast fashion label 284. Bordon's blog has captured the attention of clients like Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel, and landed her profiles on both Vogue.com and W magazine's website.
14. Danielle Bernstein of " We Wore What"

Danielle Bernstein made headlines last year when she told Harper's Bazaar that she could make up to $15,000 dollars on a single Instagram post and thats when she had only 70 percent of the 1.4 million followers she has now. The 23 year old New Yorker started her blog as an undergrad at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) and has recently collaborated with Nike and Amazon fashion.

15. Negin Mirsalehi of " Negin Mirsalehi"

The perfectly coiffed Dutch blogger, 27, started her blog 2012 after completing her masters degree -"I didn't want to find an average job at an offie or something" she explained. That decision has paid off. Her 2.9 million Instagram followers and much- read blog has attracted the likes of Bebe, Philosophy and Revolve Clothing, and recently landed her the cover of Cosmo Netherlands.

16. Rumi Neely of "Fashion Toast"

One of the OG fashion bloggers, California native Rumi Neely, 32, leveraged her dedicated following to launch hew own made in L.A fashion line. You Are Am I. at the end of 2014. She has collaborated with several major brands including Reformation and Dannijo, and starred in campaigns for Free People and Forever 21.

17. Nicolette Mason of "Nicolette Mason"

Nicolette Mason may not have the highest following compared to some of the other bloggers listed, but she's a highly sought after talent. Following a successful collaboration with ModCloth, she was tapped to help create Target's first ever plus size line Ava & Viv last year, and is a contributing editor for Marie Claire. In addition to chronicling her outfits, Mason uses her blog to discuss issues surrounding body image, sexuality, and race.

18. Susanna (Susie) Lau of "Style Bubble"

One of the very first fashion bloggers to rise to prominence, journalist Susie Lau remains an industry favorite as well as a powerful champion of talented young designers emerging in London and elsewhere. For this, she has been named to the LVHM Prize's expert panel and scored collaborations with brands like Gap, Armani and Dr. Martens.

19. Sarah Vickers of "Classy Girls Wear Pearls"

Young women more interested in emulating Jacqueline Kennedy than Kendall Jenner have found a muse in blogger Sarah Vickers. She and her husband, designer Kiel James Patrick, play out an ultra preppy New Camelot Fantasy on Instagram and the internet is hooked. She has one of the highest Instagram engagement and blog audience scores in our ranking.

20. Margaret Zhang of "Shine by Three"

When she's not updating her ultra popular blog, Sydney-based street style favorite Margaret Zhang is styling (and sometimes shooting) looks for Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar Australia or consulting like Yeezy and Swarovski. Last year, she was featured in a Clinique campaign, and has also collaborated with Uniqlo, Swarovski, and Louis Vuitton.

The Art of Fashion


Overalls: Thrifted Button up: American Eagle Striped Sweater: Old Navy Boots: Aldo Floral Shirt: Hollister Beanie: Gap

FASHION IS ART. They go along with each other like peanut butter and jelly lol. You are creating, and designing something new for everyone to see. You have the ability to be so creative and different, basically just have fun with it. I loved this look, even though I was a tad but chilly lol. Gladly you can't notice... or can you? In this look I mixed patterns and colors. I think they absolutely worked.

I think its always fun to mix things up and have fun with the way you wear your clothes, don't stick to the norm.

All the patterns and different colors really make this look for me. There is always something for you to look at lol.

The super easy way to wear the plain white t


Headband: (Old) Necklace: Hot Topic White T Shirt: Forever21 Jeans: Hollister Rings: (index, and thumb) Earthbound (ring finger) Class ring (pinkie ring) Forever 21

The plain white T... no I am not talking about the band, The Plain White T's lol.
I am referring to the white t that you wear. This is a staple item in any wardrobe. Simple and easy but definitely a must have. Is there anything more versatile than the white t?

Whether you are layering it underneath a sweater because its a little chilly outside, or over a nice tank top. You just simply can't go wrong with this one. The pairing options are endless when it comes to this item. Sometimes you don't want to do to much with a look but still want to keep it nice and this is perfect for that situation. You'll still look good while being comfortable.

During the summer season you will be seeing white everywhere you turn. I mean seriously white in the summer? How original right!? There is no other item that is so clean, effortless, and chic. It is definitely something anyone could pull off.  I think if you already don't  have one of these (or maybe even a few of them) in your wardrobe then you need to seriously hop on that lol. I look at it this way, you can never have to many white items in your wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE the minimalist look for sure! Well white t you have definitely created a fan in this guy!

Stand Out... In a good way


Shirt: Aeropostale Jacket: Forever21 Jeans: Hollister Boots: Aldo Scarf: Ross

You all already know that I 100% support being different and having individuality within your style. With fashion you have the ability to do so much. There is no reason to be like anyone else, or dress like anyone else. Your style is your expression of yourself. One of my favorite fashion quotes (which I have tattooed on me) is "fashion fades style is eternal" by Yves Saint Laurent. It's so true because fashion changes every year, thats what we have fashion week for, to see the new fashion for the year, but your style is who you are and that doesn't change.

This is definitely one of my favorite jackets in my wardrobe currently. Trust me I can't wait until next fall and winter so I can get the chance to pull it out the closet again. 

Since I was playing with prints and colors with this look, I decided to throw on this plaid scarf (that I got for a steal!). When I say this is like the softest scarf everit is the softest scarf ever lol. I could fall asleep on this scarf and use it as a pillow lol, no seriously thats how amazingly soft it is.

This look is very simple but I like that it still has that pazaz to it. I really enjoyed wearing this to be honest. I honestly felt confident in this look! I felt confident with myself and with my outfit as well. I knew for sure I was turning heads in this lol. Not to sound like I'm bragging or anything hahah lol.

Trip to The Art Institute


Overalls: Thrifted Shirt: Gap Necklace: Hot Topic Hat: Vintage Plaid Shirt: Jcp Watch: Aldo

So last year I had the privilege to spend a week visiting and staying at The Art Institute of Dallas a school designed for students wanting to pursue a career in the design and creative arts fields. It was such an amazing experience I definitely enjoyed every moment of it, and met some amazing students, and faculty. 

Long story short I didn't end up attending AiDallas because I received an offer from another institution. 

That being said I know you all are not here to listen to me babble about education. To say the least it was like a thousand degrees hot outside lol, so I wanted to be very comfortable and chill. Whenever I want to achieve that I usually grab my overalls. One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. You just slip them on with a t shirt, some comfortable shoes, and bam you are out the door.

You all may not know this about me, but you will definitely catch on quickly, I am a hat guy. I just love hats, seriously. I think they just add that final touch to any outfit. It also helps if you're having a bad hair day ( I know you ladies can relate lol). Yes hats are my thing! I could wear a hat everyday if I wanted to but sometimes you need to let your hair breathe lol. My favorite kinds of hats are definitely either fedoras or vintage chic' ones, just saying. Just in case someone wants to be generous and send me one lol.

When I wear my overalls I usually like to wear something around my waist. There are very few times when I wear my overalls without something around the waist because I kind of feel uncomfortable. Not only do I feel uncomfortable but i just like to add movement to the look. I kept this look nice and simple. Remember that sometimes less is more. If you "over dress" or "over layer" your look can become very confusing and there is no focal point of the look. So I try not to do to much. Thats mainly in the winter when I do extra because its cold lol.

How To: Tie that perfect bow tie


Have you ever wondered how people got that bow tie just right? So neat and tidy. Well keep reading and I'll let you know how!
Me personally I'm definitely a bow tie kind of guy, I don't like wearing long ties, they just aren't my style. (Plus on top of that it took me forever to learn how to actually tie one) That being said let hop right in!


Step 1:
Start with the bow tie lying face up. Adjust the bow tie so that the right side is longer than the left side. Lets make this easier and refer to the end on the left as A and the end on the right will be B.
Step 2: Movie A to the right side across B.
Step 3: Bring A under B and up through the neck top.
Step 4: At the joint, fold B towards the right and then towards the left to create the bow tie shape.
Step 5: Bring A straight down over the middle of the bow shape that was made by B.
Step 6: Fold A back towards the chest and pinch the fold.
Step 7: Plush the pinched end (A) through the loop behind B.
Step 8: Pull on the folded parts of the bow tie to tighten them.
Step 9: Last step is to adjust until its pretty balanced on both sides.
BOOM! You're all good to go! Quick, simple, and you look great. Hope this helps out all the gents out there. With graduations, weddings, and all the formal events happening this time of year, you must know how to tie a tie.

Color Pop


Shirt(Slim Fit): Claiborne Sweater: Gap Jeans: Gap Bag: Ross Boots: Aldo Necklace: Hot Topic Watch: Aldo

When I say I felt great in this outfit, I felt great. You just know that feeling you get when you know you look good? Yeah that feeling... that is exactly how I felt in this look. They say when you look good you feel good, you have a little more pep in your step. One of my favorite things about this look though are the colors.

The way the coral in the shirt stands out against the grey in the pants, and the creme sweater is just fantastic. Its not a color that I wear very often, I want to say that is the only item in my entire wardrobe that color. I have definitely become a fan and will be on the look out for more items in this shade. The only thing I was a little unsure of about the color is that its borders on the line of being pinkish. I don't have a problem with pink but its not a color that I wear very often, trust me you will very rarely see me in pink. Just saying.

Since the shirt was already such a in your face type of color,  I wanted to keep everything else very simple and basic. That being said the combination of the creme sweater and grey denim jeans went great with it. Something that I haven't mentioned is how extremely soft these fabrics are. Honestly I could have slept in this outfit. That's saying a lot coming from a guy who doesn't like sleeping with socks on. (yes I know, mind blowing). Seriously though when I tell you the cotton fabric just feels so smooth to the touch I mean it.

What's an outfit without accessories? I love to accessorize a look. I do it ALL the time! lol.

When I am getting dressed, my outfit seriously isn't complete without some type of accessories. Whether its just my rings or that favorite necklace I have, I just have to get something on. In this look I am wearing this necklace that I adore from Hot Topic, what made me interested in it was the spikes. It looked so edgy and different. I think it adds character to any ensemble you may be wearing. I decided to wear it with this look because I felt like it needed some type of chain or necklace, preferably a long one. It added just the right touch. Its not to heavy or chunky and its not to small to wear you don't even notice it. Its just perfect.

I completed the look by strapping on this fantastic olive green satchel. Definitely one of my favorite bags in my closet. When I need a quick throw on bag, something not to heavy, its my go to bag. Simple, chic' and just a great bag overall.

Playing with plaid


Shirt: Hurley Plaid Shirt: Jcpenny Jeans: Gap Boots(not pictured): Aldo Scarf: Gap Bag: Fossil

I must say that I am a fan of plaid print. I have a couple plaid items in my wardrobe trust me. Its a fun print to play with and you can do a lot with it. Say you have on a simple t shirt and jeans, grab yourself a plaid shirt and throw it around you. BAM! You just took your look to another level. You not only added another layer to your look but you also added a new color, print, texture etc. There is so much you can do.

Ideally some people don't generally like plaid because they think country bumpkin or western style with bell bottom jeans and cowboy boots. That is definitely not the case at all. Although that is one way of styling plaid, there are plenty of other ways to do this as well.

For example:
  • Channel your inner 90's look and wear your flannel around your waist with your favorite distressed denim and simple t shirt. It adds character and movement to complete the look.
  • Make your shirt the center of attention. Find the brightest plaid shirt you have, or any colored one at all lol, and pair it with plain colors. Wear all black or maybe white and throw on the plaid shirt to make it stand out.
  • Use you shirt as a jacket, bundle up with your plaid shirt on those days when it might be cold in the office, but hot outside. Wear a nice romper of summer maxi with the plaid shirt tied around your waist, that way if you get cold you have the plaid shirt to put on you.
  • When you are headed to a more dressed up occasion make sure to choose a lighter colored plaid shirt and tuck it into your favorite mid-length skirt. To top it off throw on your favorite pair of heels.
If you don't necessarily have a plaid shirt that is totally fine! Just as long as you have something that's plaid period. It can be your socks, pants, or even your accessories.  Like the bag I am wearing is a plaid print, so even stuff like that would work. Your center of attention doesn't have to be clothing at all. One big thing that I say is don't be afraid to mix prints! That makes it even more special lol. Like I always say you want to have fun with fashion! It's all you, do you the way you want to.

There are plenty of other ways to wear a plaid shirt that I did not mention in this post. If you would like to see a list of more ways to wear your favorite plaid shirt, check out this article on glamour.com!

That One Photoshoot


Shirt: Old Navy  Overalls: Thrifted Shoes: Vans Bandana: D.I.Y
This was such a fun photoshoot to do with my trinity valley family.
I love a camera so whenever I get the opportunity to be photographed you better believe I am ready to go lol. What made this shoot extra fun was that it wasn’t really a planned shoot. The photographer just kind of got us in the middle of what we were doing. I was with friends so that made it even better to shoot.
Since it wasn’t necessarily a particular type of shoot, there wasn’t a theme or anything to it so I was just wearing comfortable clothing. I wanted to mix patterns so I paired my floral print button up, with my gold polka dot socks, and cheetah print vans. I like to mix and match but have it still look good together overall. (Haha did you catch that pun) Whenever I wear my overalls they are the most comfortable thing ever! Like seriously guys they are great. I can just throw them on when I’m in a hurry or even if I’m not rushing and I carefully plan it out. They are such a statement piece to me, some people dispize them but I could use another pair personally.
Quick shout out to the photographers.. US! Yes, yes we all took these photos ourselves. So props to the team for these fantastic shots.

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