Interview with Simone Robinson of PrimeButterfly


Myself and the lovely blogger Simone Robinson of blog "" have come together and created interview posts! 

1. What made you want to create a blog?

"I created my blog as a result of a conversation I had with a journalism professor at my university. He suggested that I start a blog to get accustomed to writing and build up a body of work. I took it into consideration and brainstormed for a few months. My blog was ultimately supposed to be about art and cool spots to visit in NYC, but it naturally morphed into a fashion and lifestyle blog."

2. What does the name of your blog mean?

"I chose the butterfly in Prime Butterfly, because butterflies have been an important symbol in my life. The stages of the butterfly, particularly, have definitely been reflective of my journey as a blogger too, because I started out extremely shy and private (Caccoon) and now I've morphed into somewhat of a social butterfly."

3. For someone wanting to pursue blogging do you have any tips?

"Just be yourself and talk about what you are truly passionate about. Also, don't be afrain to broaden your horizon by taking writing, photography, social media and/or video editing classes at your school! It'll definitely make you more marketable for you career!"

4. How would you describe your style?

"I would say that right now my style is very experimental. I'm definitely 50% tomboy and 50% girly girl,  so I love to add edgy masculine pieces and feminine elements to my looks. For every day, I typically gravitate towards basic colors, but I've been incorporating bolder colors, prints, and daring textures."

5. What figure in your life has contributed to or influenced the essence of your style?

"Definitely my mother! She always had a keen eye for fashion, always successfully predicting what the next trends will be. Her style is a contribution of bohemian and minimalism with a flare of Caribbean dancehall style, which is due to her Jamaican background/culture."

6. How has your style changed over the years?

"It's definitely changed for the better! When I was younger, I didn't really have much of a style. I just went with the flow of trends at the time or things that I perceived as out of the ordinary. I went through a phase where I only rocked black in the summer along with skulls and bones. Now, my style is based more on comfort and my mood. If I;m feeling more chill, I'll throw on a pair of joggers and a big batman t-shirt, and if I want to look sexy, I'll rock something form fitting and black."

7. What is your go-to outfit of the day?

"My go to outfit of the day is a graphic tee or cropped sweater paired with high waist jeans, boots and my leather jacket."

8. What media outlet or celebrity do you typically gravitate to for inspiration?

"Mainly YouTube and Instagram! I love to go on Instagram accounts that feature 90s runway fashion and celebrity style. As for YouTube, I spend most of my time there watching fashion and beauty based channels."

9. What is the best fashion advice your family or friends have given you?

"My mom always told me to be well dressed and groomed at all times, because I never know who I'll meet or bump into!"

10. If you could wear one item from your closet for the rest of your life, what would that be?

"I would wear my black leather jacket from H & M!"
11. What do you like to splurge on?

" High Heels form Nine West and Leather Jackets!"
12. What fashion rule do you abide by?

" Never be afraid to take a risk and try something different!"

13. What bloggers or You-Tubers do you follow for inspiration?

"My favorite blogger and YouTuber of all time is Shirley B. Eniang. She is the epitome of classic fashion and beauty. I'm also a huge fan of 4YallEntertainment vlogs. They're editing skills are amazing, and it really encourages me to up my game when it comes to my YouTube channel. Symphani Soto and Aaaliyah Jay are the main YouTubers I follow for makeup inspiration."

14. What is one lesson your blog has taught you?

" The biggest lesson my blog taught me was to be myself and never be afraid to take risks."

15. What challenges did you face during your blog journey? How did you overcome them?

"During my blog journey, the hardest thing I had to face was my shyness and introvert nature. Due to those characteristics, I was too afraid of how my work would be perceived, so I kept my blog a secret for a year, which prevented me from developing an honest audience and hindered me from amazing opportunities."

16. What is your ultimate blog goal?

"My ultimate blog goal is getting to a point where I can attend international fashion weeks, advise upcoming bloggers/influencers on their journey and create a fashion web series on YouTube."

17. Describe the process of shooting your style post. Who takes your photos? How do you prepare? What tools do you use?

"For my photo-shoots, the first thing that I like to do is charge my batteries for my DSLR camera the night before or morning of my shoot. While they're charging, I go through my wardrobe and create outfits. I typically take the photo myself, using a camera remote, a sturdy tripod and my DSLR. However, I also love to do collaborative shoots, where I'll take photos of my friends and in return, they'll take photos of me."

Thanks so much to Simone for this awesome interview! To see my side of the interview click here!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 23


Okay seriously I am going to be completely honest with you all because that's what I like to do.

I had NO idea about what I was going for with putting these pictures together. I usually have a theme for my Tumblr Tuesday posts but this one I didn't. I thought the pictures looked well together in a post and as whole.

If I had to say anything in regards to a "theme" or aesthetic I would just give reference to how they all have a similar color scheme in mind. That blue-ish undertone the pictures have is stunning. I really just think they are pretty pictures that look together side by side.

Each one of these posts has a different aesthetic to them, I love doing these Tumblr Tuesday's for you all and would love to know if there is anything you would want to see on one of these posts. Any particular theme? Color? Picture? Just let me know, either leave a comment on one of these, shoot me an email which can be found here, or find me on my social media!

Thank you all so much for the love and support! Until next time:

Guest Post by Tajinder Sandhu


Hello everyone! Today I bring you a guest post! It was such a pleasure to have Tajinder Sandhu do an article for my blog. I felt really honored and I really appreciate it.

So lets get into the post

Casual Glam

Outfit Details: Trousers from NEXT, Crop Trop from BOOHOO, Bralette from M&S, Fila from JD Sports, Bomber Jacket from PRIMARK, cap from PRIMARK, choker from BOOHOO, studs from INDIA

Hello my lovelies

The holiday season is well upon us; despite the cold weather we want to remain the glam individuals that we truly are. Whether it's incorporating a single item into our outfits or being inspired by an occasion, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve (NYE), or merely the parties accompanied with the season. Extravagant faux fur coats are practical for the cold weather and appropriate to add a hint of fierceness to a laid-back style, increasing style points instantly. During autumn and winter boots are the go-to item to complete an outfit, as they can be dressed up or down. The trend everyone has been going wild about are over the knee boots, I can honestly say I see the appeal. They add a sex appeal element to an outfit as the thighs are usually the only flesh on show; it's subtle but effective. To style this trend pair black over the knee boots with a t-shirt dress, a choker and arm candy. Many celebrities have rocked this style, from Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner, and numerous fashion bloggers around the globe.

The examples of both fashion trends were about adding boldness to a casual outfit. Occasionally we don't want to get glammed up, frankly we're comfortable in our sweatpants and crop tops, but we can't attend an occasion looking underdressed. I whipped together an outfit ideal for these moods entitled casual glam. I paired my blue patterned trousers with a boxy white crop top (known to be chic and timeless) and a lacy bralette underneath as this adds femininity to the outfit. I went on to add white Fila's to match the top, a black bomber jacket that I absolutely adore, and in my opinion completes the laid-back look. As for accessories, I keep it minimal (as usual) by sticking to my go-to black choker, cap, and studs.

Stay Classy and Blessed,

I want to thank Tajinder so much for submitting this guest post to my blog! It was honestly great to read and fun to do. 

Keep up with her: BLOG:

That Holiday Feeling


Coat: Ross Sweater: Levi Pants: JCP Boots: Aldo Not Pictured Shirt: Old Navy Necklace: Hot Topic

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere you go... its not only a lyric from a song but definitely a true statement. The lights are glowing in the neighborhood, christmas trees are up, but what really clarifies that it's getting to this season is the weather.

The temperature starts to drop and gets into the lower temps!

That being said you will need to be bundled up! I love to just walk around in sweaters all day and when I'm home, onsies and cozy socks.

I kept this look fairly simple but I wanted to jazz it up a little by adding this button up floral print shirt underneath. I thought it would be the perfect pop to the outfit. The collar sticks out just underneath the sweater so you get a chance to see the shirt underneath. It is one of my favorite shirts to wear because it is so different and can only be pulled off by certain people.

One of those people happens to be me.. just putting that out there lol. I mean clearly because I'm wearing it :)

There is officially only two more days until christmas! Isn't that crazy? We will be in the year 2017 before you know it. I am excited to see what awaits me and the blog for the new year.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 22


There is something about a flat-lay that I love. I don't know they are just so cool to me.

For all of these flat-lays I wanted to keep the theme of fall and winter season. I wanted to showcase to you all the different looks you could try for this time of the year. It will be cold but you can be warm but still stylish.

You will be taking plenty of pictures, being in pictures, so why not look good for them?

Keep things in the spirit of fall and winter with the color scheme. Browns, Reds, Greens, but also don't be afraid to throw splashes of color into your look.

I think that's one misconception of this time of year is that there isn't much to do as far as color scheme. You don't have to stick to the "norm" of bland browns and boring blacks. Have fun!

If you need an idea of colors to pair with each other or colors to wear in general have a look at this post here!

Must Have Monday


It's Monday & you all know the drill with that. Let's just get into it!

Christmas will be upon us before you know it and I know there are probably still quite a few of you that have not finished all of your christmas shopping.

I am here to help you out today. The first item on today's Must Have Monday is one that know one could refuse. The 3-wick candles from bath and body works! Who doesn't love a nice holiday candle to get them in the holiday spirit! To make things even better there's a deal! Right now from bath and body you can receive those 3 candles for only $12.50! That's only $4.16 a piece!

Decorating for christmas is my absolute favorite thing to do! That being said decorating the christmas tree specifically is so much fun! There are so many ornaments, from all different shapes and sizes. I love to actually do a "non traditional" color scheme when it comes to decorations. I have the reds, and greens etc but I prefer some like these. Gorgeous and still gets you in the holiday spirit.

What's christmas without an ugly christmas sweater! This is another thing that really gets me in the holiday spirit. I am sure plenty of you all will be heading to a couple of different sweater parties this holiday. Shop around for the perfect one! This one is from Forever 21. Isn't it the cutest thing ever. Honestly I would love to be a gingerbread man lol. For you guys out there I didn't leave you out! Here's some sweaters for you here, here , and here.

My Christmas Wish-list


There is now officially on FOUR more days until christmas!
*Pause* Isn't it crazy how fast this year went by!
We all have our list of items that we would love for "Santa" to bring us! Right?
Or am I the only one... Nahhh I cant be.. But anyway let's get into what I would want for christmas.

*Btw these are in no particular order lol*

Oversized Sweater
Chelsea Boots
Marble Macbook Laptop Case
Gift Card from Forever 21
Sewing Fabric
Oversized Cardigan
This Sweatshirt
Gift Cards
Forever 21
iPhone Case
Vintage Fashions
Long Camouflage Print Cardigan
Laptop Case
Mophie Phone Case
The GlAMGLOW Skin care

There could be so much more I could add on to this list.. and I probably will later, but for now I will keep it short and sweet. Don't want you all reading forever lol.

I truly love you all, and thanks so much for reading my blog and being apart of That Trendy Fellow

You all are truly my online family! Until next time.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

*last updated 12/21/16*

The 12 Best Colors To Wear for Fall


Honestly you can wear whatever color you want, it really doesn't matter. That being said, there are certain colors that are highly recommended that you wear in the fall. These colors are all perfect for this time of year!

1. Marsala

Marsala is actually pantalone's color of the year for 2015. Since it's the perfect color for fall and winter you will definitely be seeing it a lot more and styled different ways this year. Marsala is a red/brown wine color and is pretty similar to burgundy or maroon. It's a gorgeous shade that complements everyones skin tones. This dress can be worn with tights, boots, and a sweater for when its  a little colder.

Find the dress here on Nasty Gal

2. Mustard

One of Pantone's colors for fall was called Oak Bluff but then it was changed to mustard because the director said "it reminded me of mustard, and mustard is one of my favorite hues for fall." According to Pantone it's a "mellow, comforting, and warming shade that brings good feelings." Mustard looks especially great on chunky sweaters and scarves.

3. Camel

Although camel wasn't on Pantone's list, we had to add it because it's such a classic fall shade. Am I not right? You can wear camel colors in literally anything type of clothing, from pants to sweaters to jackets. Camel Boots are also a great option because they're so versatile.

4.Olive Green

One of Pantone's colors is called "Dried Herb", which is basically the same as olive green-already a great fall color. Try olive green basically way you want to, especially in cargo, which is big this season. You can go for a cool jumpsuit like the one in the picture or somethings more simple like a tree or sweater.

5. Gray/Blue

Pantone color coming right at ya is called stormy weather. (which is really cute btw) It's suppose to be the same colors as the sky on a stormy, rain day. Get it? How fitting that this ASOS parka is literally the exact shade!

6. Sage

Desert Sage is another Pantone colors that is a cool greenish/gray color. It's stylish, pretty, and a little bit different. I love how it looks on this cotton shirt.

7. Burgundy

Burgundy is super similar to marsala but it has earned a spot on this list because it's such a great fall and winter shade. And it's a little but darker than marsala, so it's different enough lol. You can get burgundy in literally everything.

8. Dark Turquoise

Pantone's name for the dark blue-green color on their list is Reflecting Pond, which sounds so pretty and relaxing. It's almost like a dark turquoise, which is such a nice shade. This knit vest is perfect for layering in the fall.

9. Rose

Bored of all the earthy tones? Pantone's list for fall colors also includes some brighter, more feminine options, like their cashmere Rose hue, which reminds me of a dusty pink-ish color. Pink may remind you of summer & spring, but in this slightly more muted shade it looks perfect for October, November and hey maybe even December.

10. Orchid

If you're craving something even brighter, go for Amethyst Orchid, another Pantone color. This vibrant purple will stand out among the foliage. Keep it simple with a plain tee like this one, or use this color in a formal dress to go out.

11. Orange

Come on, what would fall be without an orange that matches the falling leaves? Pantone's orange is called Cadmium Orange, and its a little bit brighter than the Halloween orange you may be thinking of. Try it in this tunic-top.

12. Teal

The last Pantone color is a gorgeous teal, called Biscay Blue. Teal may not be typically associated with fall, but as you can see it blends in perfectly with everything else. And it's nice pop of bright color among all those earth tones.

*Thanks to for info in this post*

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 21


We are in the season of coats, boots, and all things winter so I thought I would center this week's Tumblr Tuesday around just that. As you all may know this is definitely my favorite time of the year. Aside from Christmas gifts, food, etc the FASHION. Ugh!

Seeing everyone in floor length coats, furs, bold winter colors. It's magic. You can have more fun in the colder months than you can in the warmer ones (in my opinion). The long floor length coats, boots, scarves all must have items during this season. Who said you couldn't be fashionable and warm!

A piece of outerwear can take your look to a whole other level. Wearing something simple as an all black outfit isn't the same anymore because you can have a fabulous coat thrown over, or even a nice scarf.

You can also get away with sneaking some of your summer clothing in the winter time. You may be wondering "Josh what do you mean?" Let me explain: Pair a skirt, a sweater, boots, and a trench coat. You can still wear that cute summer skirt but paired with winter items you can stay warm. Genius right? So don't go storing all your summer items just yet!

Must Have Monday


I am in love with scarves! I have my mini collection hanging in my closet lol. I just think they are an essential piece in any wardrobe. They are so fashionable and stylish. You can really seal the deal with a scarf. This american flag scarf is from Forever 21, plus its on sale! It shall be added to my cart soon lol.

I love a nice pair of sweats, especially when they are cuffed on the bottom because it makes things more stylish, and easier. Most sweats kind of flare out at the bottom and to me that's very unflattering. I love that they're black and grey because they can be very versatile when you wear them by adding other colors. They look extremely comfortable.

Who doesn't love a good decorative pillow. I love pillows to be honest. I love when my bedding has a bunch of decorative pillows on it because it adds character to the bed and fun. This pillow is a reference to alice in wonderland which is one of my favorite movies to watch. It might be a little hard to be read in the picture but it says "we are all mad here". It's talking about the mad hatter and if you have seen the movie then you know what I'm talking about.

H & M is one of those stores where you can never go wrong in my eyes. Whenever I go inside the store I end up walking out with something 90% of the time. Prices are always good too. Lately I have been really loving this color in different items. These shirts look so unbelievably comfortable. There is always good material and even better a fantastic price.

Baby its cold outside


Sweatshirt: Old Navy Way cheaper here Scarf: Ross (Old) Pants: Gap Watch: Aldo Peace Bracelet: Hot Topic

So y'all know how excited I am that this weather is upon us. Some of you are probably thinking what is wrong with me... i completely understand. That being said; I love the cold and this is a joy for me. Scarves, Sweaters, it's just perfect. It just makes you want to be in pajamas all day with some hot chocolate and good movie.

That sounds about right to me! Lol

With this look I kept things very simple but added different layers and colors. I was so comfortable and relaxed to be honest. When the colder months hit I tend to dress more in layers, not only because its colder (duh) but because that is my favorite way to dress. My friends always look at me like "Josh why do you have on that much clothes?" It's like 75 degrees outside.. I honestly have no idea it just happens and that's what I like.

This look was so easy and casual to pull off. I mean seriously just grab a comfy sweatshirt. You can see a TON of different choices here on amazon. Sweatshirts always come in handy especially during this time of year. Sometimes you don't want to throw on that heavy coat.. or maybe it's not that cold but you want something light to wear. Boom! Pull out that cute little sweatshirt.

The scarf was added on as a final touch, and I needed something to off-set the look from the green and orange. The black and white colors in the scarf add the perfect amount of versatility.

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