Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 55


I am screaming!! Lol I'm too much..

Am I the only one obsessed with these looks. They honestly remind me of NYFW streetwear looks. Like ya know just casually caught by a photographer on the sidewalk as you slightly pose for the picture.

All these looks are giving me everything though like am I the only one? Like the first pic come on is she not serving looks! Lol A little faux fur moment is everything like who doesn't love a great fur. Well honestly? Thats contradicting because some people actually don't love fur actually. But anyway before I go on a rant lol lets move on.

I feel like all these looks are so like blogger esc lol 

You know what I mean? Like how us as bloggers have those "blogger poses". The third photo is a perfect example lie she looks like she was actually just caught by the paparazzi but "caught" in a I was actually posing for this photo kind of way lol.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 54


Welcome back to another Tumblr Tuesday post with me That Trendy Fellow as your host lol.

I know it has been a HOT minute since I've done one of these, I do apologize had some computer issues and wasn't able to blog but we are back in business!

I just wanted to put some confidence and positive energy into the air today. It's all about celebrating the skin that you are in. No matter what shade, hint, tone, texture we are all made beautifully and in very unique ways.

No two people are the same and we should celebrate our differences instead of using them in a negative way to diminish each other nd point out "flaws". I really don't want to use the word flaw because just because something or someone is different from you or what you're used to doesn't mean that it, or someone is wrong.

Celebrate your uniqueness and individuality!

I think this is something that a lot go people tend to struggle because sometimes what makes them unique and/or different they don't see it as such. They may look at it as something ugly or out of place. Which of course that is not whats going on at all we are all beautiful inside and out you just have to open your eyes and your mine to be able to realize it for yourself.

I haven't always been comfortable with myself as I am today and even now I tend to struggle every now and then with who I am as a person and even what I look like. But just like I'm encouraging you all, my readers I have to encourage myself to do just the same. Focus on the positive and not the negative, point out your greatness. We all have it inside of us.

"Being different isn't a bad thing, It means you're brave enough to be yourself."

Guest Post: Home and Office Space!


Short on Indoor Home/Office Space? Follow These Tips

Credit: pixabay.com 

Working full or part-time in the home needs much consideration to make a working environment that is appropriate for your business and stability with the requirements of your family. Working from home each day or just at the present and then can be enormous. However, not all of us have vast home offices that are ideal, creative retreats. If you don't have a lot of room to work, here are some guidelines to help out you get things prepared when you are on short on indoor home/office space.

While helping you settle on your requirements so that you can make the correct home workspace for your company, this article is broken down into sections to assist you to set up your home workplace step by step:

Selecting Your Work Place
The kind of business that you will be working from home is the main thing to determining the kind, size, and place of the workspace you require. 
If you have a family and will be operating a business largely from inside your home, you will wish for to integrate as many of the following ideas as likely to help attain the most excellent business-family balance:
  • If accessible, choose a divided room as an out-and-out workspace. Then you can shut the door to maintain business in and family, friends, and pets out.
  • Select a room or other room where you can reduce distractions, distant from the kitchen, laundry room, and PlayStation noises.
  • Select a workplace that is great enough to work your business. Working out of two or three disconnect areas of the home is far less fruitful than working from one region, even though you can surely use an additional part of the house, such as your underground room or garage, for storage space, if important.
  • If customers will be coming to your residence, the perfect is a workspace with a divide outside the door or extremely close to an exterior door.
  • If you will be working on a business that creates noise or produces byproducts (dirt, muddle, billows), thinks the garage or an exterior arrangement for your workspace.

Make Your Working Place Friendly as Much as Possible
If working from house means camping out on the sofa with your laptop or sitting at the room dividers though, make sure that your work place is as work-friendly as probable. This helps implement those limitations mentioned former, and keeps you from receiving disturbance by additional things. If you do have to be seated on the sofa, get rid of non-work linked items that just divert your attention. Books, games, yet that calm blanket you have fallen sleeping in before, must all be moved someplace they will not attract you while you are trying to be creative.

Appearance of Your Home Office Should Be Decent
In the same way, if your work requires you to receive calls or make video conferences, make sure your home office appears decent. If you should make video calls, you don't wish for everybody else to look at the back you and observe toys all over your living room ground, or listen to your kids playing in the surroundings while you are trying to direct a conference call on a significant topic. 

Guest Post: Valentines Day Watch Giving & It’s Meaning 


Valentine Day is just around the corner. It is exactly the time when you need to think and decide what gift you will be giving your Valentine on that day. So, have you decided what the gift should be? There are gift ideas which you can yourself establish by searching the net or knowing about the preferences of your beloved. But if you are still now in a state of confusion then you are at the right place. As you read through you would be able to decide on a unique gift item which you may have never thought of.

What Should Be the Nature of Valentine’s Day Gift

This is the most important decision that you have to make. Let us see what should be your considerations while selecting such a gift which will be loved by your Valentine.
• Keep in mind the Valentine’s Day gift is one such gift which girls like to share with her friends and acquaintances. So, select the gift in such a manner that she can present that in front of her friends.

• While selecting never select one which can give a wrong message and spoil the relationship that has grown between you both.

• Select the gift according to her preferences and not yours. Like, do not spoil the day by giving a baseball game ticket to her rather than a Broadway ticket which she can enjoy.

• The gift must be such that it brings out romanticism which may have been passive for some reasons.

• You need to plan well in ahead to have the perfect gift for your beloved. It is best to keep a track of your beloved’s likings to be able to decide on the best gift idea.

• Do not be shy to ask your friends about some unique suggestions. It may be that they give you an idea which you may not have thought about.

• Last but not the least your gift item must be uncommon. It must be like what everyone presents on a Valentine Day. This will make your gift stand out from the rest when your beloved shows that to her friends or colleagues
Why Watch Can Be the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

So, are you able to decide on the gift item that you can present your valentine? Not, yet then nothing to worry about. Watches can be an ideal gift that you can present your beloved on Valentine’s Day. You may be thinking why it is such. Yes, let us see why that is the ideal gift that you can present.
• It would be a gift which would be liked by your beloved. It can be said with certainty that girls love jewelry and watches. The thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting such a gift watch is that it is stylish and fashionable. These traits of the watch will make it be more loved by your Valentine. She will love to wear that watch at every party and occasion and show that to her friends and colleagues as a gift from you on Valentine’s Day.

• It would be the best way to show to your valentine that you both are always together as the watch ticks. You can without saying a word declare in front of your valentine that she is the one who fills your mind and thoughts all through the day.

• If your relationship has just begun then a watch can be the ideal gift that you can present to her. Yes, that should be an ideal way to declare and share with your beloved that you intend to be with her in a long-lasting relationship that continues as long as the watch ticks. Watch is the ideal gift that can establish such a fact as your want of having a long-lasting relationship and not a relationship which lasts for a few days.

• Whenever she has a look at the watch she will be thinking of you and your love. The watch would be the ideal gift which will help you to make your beloved think about you wherever she is. The ticking hands of the watch will make her remember how you spend the day with her that was full of romanticism and love. She would linger to have such days quite often and help your relationship to be established and last for days and years to come.
Why Watch Is an Ideal Gift for Your Man

You may be thinking would watch be an ideal gift if your beloved is a man. Definitely, it would be. There is absolutely no confusion about it.
• By giving a watch to your beloved in such a case you can easily say to him without opening your mouth that at every tick of the clock you are his. You can say that your time is his and you always think about him and wish that he also thinks about in the same fashion.

• The watch will be an ideal gift to make him remember about you when you both are not close by. The ticking hands of the watch will make him understand that you are waiting for him to be by your side every second, minute and hour of the day.

• On the other hand, you can declare to your beloved that you are by his side whatever the time is. Your wish of spending good and bad times of your life together with him will also be suitably be declared by presenting him a watch as a gift during Valentine’s Day.
Moreover, you definitely wish to have a gift within your budget. Yes, that also make watches the ideal gift item that you can present your valentine whatever be the sex. The free watches that you can have makes it be the ideal gift as it will help you to have one relevant gift for your valentine this Valentine Day. So, without delay buy a watch and present that to your Valentine to make him or her surprised and love you the most.
Be sure to check out David’s website as well! 

Must Have Monday


So I hope you all are enjoying your Monday evening.. I am sitting here watching netflix as I type this out lol. Today has been a productive one for me, and kinda tiring.

But anyway let me not go on a rant like I usually do and let's hop into this weeks Must Haves!

So lately I have really been obsessed with baseball caps! I have already acquired around 3 or 4 of them from different places. Mainly from forever 21.. but what else is new right?  The most recent one I want for sure is this rose printed one with the rose graphic on front. It's so chic!

Forever 21 has gotten in some killer menswear product that you all must check out! Not just menswear they've gotten some amazing new collections for women as well so don't count yourselves out ladies.

Okay seriously where do I begin on these trousers!! Ugh I'm obsessed! What I love is the fact that they look so damn comfy and two, they look very casual but a touch of dressy as well. So there are a ton of ways I would definitely style these.  Plus the price point isn't hard bad either! If I pick these bad boys up I will most definitely be doing a complete blog post on them so stay tuned for that for sure.

I will definitely be trying these on for sure!

So I'm sure you all know about the "monkey hoodie" incident that occurred with H&M that has caused a lot of hardship for the company because a lot of their customers are no longer wanting to shop here. If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look here.

That being said I have still been a customer with the store so it is what it is. What do y'all think? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Aldo is my absolute favorite place to shop for my shoes, I have at least 6 or 7 pairs from them and I love every one of them. They're good quality, they were all a great price, and they're all stylish. I haven' bought a new shoe in a while now but I think its time to go looking again lol.

I must add these Roenia shoes to my collection! I mean come on how unique and cute are these shoes! They would also be a perfect Valentines day shoe, or maybe even a  gift for someone else. I am loving them for sure and definitely considering the purchase.

Don't you just love a statement shoe and these are definitely one of kind. I always say I love to be different and thats what you're going to get from me and my style. Not everyone is going to look at this shoe and be like oh my gosh I need that except for me duh! Lol so yes I'm obsessed (aren't I always) and would love to add these to the family.

Just call me obsessed


Moto Jacket: Forever 21 Similar Here Overalls: Forever 21 Flannel: JCP Denim Shirt: Forever 21 Baseball Cap: Forever 21 Boots: Aldo

So as you may have noticed 90% of this look comes from none other than forever 21. Y'all know my history with them I've done numerous posts where I've mentioned them or talked about them, so no need to go into greater detail.

This day in particular I was actually on my way to forever 21 to speak with their manager about some things so I definitely wanted to represent the brand. So that's really why I have on all forever 21 product. Well excluding a few items of course.

This was a perfect outfit for the type of weather we were having, even though I did get a tad hot in my moto jacket, but it was worth it in the end. But yes indeed like the title states just call me obsessed because I literally am obsessed with forever 21. The branding, the product, the merchandising and visual side of it. Just so on brand, so on trend and they never go wrong in my eyes.

Now  I will say not all forever stores are the best, because lets be honest some of them look a hot mess, but forever 21 as a brand is pretty damn awesome.

I'll always be a fan for sure and maybe even an employee someday?? We shall see and of course I'll keep you all updates on the latest!

Until next time..

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