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Guest Post: How to Look Expensive Without Branded Item

If there is one look that I don’t want to wear in this world, it is cheap look. Looking cheap is not attractive. In social situation, you won’t catch people’s attention. Or at least, not in desirable way. In business situation, you won’t look impressive, you won’t look like you’re successful, and this may cause you to lose potential. Maybe not all people are this shallow, but let’s face it, most of them will judge you from your appearance. I’m not saying that you should always buy and wear designer items. I’m just saying that you should look expensive, but let it tell you that looking expensive is not always about the price of the item you’re wearing, but more about how you are wearing your items. So, how should you wear your (not branded) items to look expensive? Quality over quantitySo yeah, I’ve just said that it’s not about the price, and here my first advice is quality over quantity, that implies you should buy higher price item, yeah? Well no. Quality item doesn’t always mean higher …

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